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Our home for the next 10 days! If you need a photo ID for a Covid test and vaccine, to board an airplane and even to adopt a kitten or puppy, why shouldn’t you have to show a photo ID when you vote? Americans For Citizen Voting - ACV recent polling shows 75% of Michiganders as a whole and 79% of African American Michiganders support having to show a photo ID at the polls. #CommonSense #AmericansForCitizenVotingACV #SecureMIVote“Initiation of legislation amending the Michigan Election Law, 1954 PA 116, MCL 168.495, 523, 759, 759a, 759b, 761, 761b, 764b, 813, and adding 168.523b, 760a, 946, to: require partial social security number for voter registration; require photo ID for in-person voters; require driver’s license, state-ID, partial social security number or photo ID on absentee ballot application; require voters who don’t provide this ID to present ID in person within 6 days after election to have their vote counted; provide state-funded IDs to applicants with hardships; specify minimum times clerks must accept absentee ballots for in-person or dropbox delivery; prohibit officials from making absentee ballot applications available except upon voter request; prohibit donations to fund elections.” ...
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